Sykurskraut - Kúlur stórar - 90g

1.225 kr
Vörunúmer: PME-LPW44

These elegant large pearls are perfect for decorating your cakes and cookies and all things edible! For a classy touch why not add them to a cake border.

Not only do they look great but they taste amazing too. They provide a subtle sweet sugar taste, as to not overpower the taste of your baked goods.

The screw lid pots also are handy, they can be easily stacked and stored with your other sprinkles and pearls. The resealable screw top also ensures that your pearls will stay fresh until you wish to use them again. Once empty you can also use the tub to store any other material you may want to.


Sugar, Starch (of Wheat/Corn), Glucose Syrup, colours (E171), Glazing Agent (E903), Vegetable Oil