Stensill - HARRY POTTER - Harry Potter - 15,5 x 6 cm

1.795 kr
Vörunúmer: PME-HPW616

Harry Potter Cake Stencil

  • This PME Stencil will help you create the 'Harry Potter' impression on your cakes
  • Easy to use: Place the stencil on the cake and use a palette knife to smooth the icing over the stencil. Scrape away the excess icing and gently peel away the stencil to reveal the design
  • Stencil can also be used to spray paint or for dusting with icing sugar or cocoa powder on bakes or hot drinks! Measures 150 x 55mm
  • Ideal for any Harry Potter themed party or a special wizard's birthday
  • Exclusive to PME, this officially licensed Harry Potter collection also includes cupcake cases, toppers, sprinkles, embossers, sugar decorations, chocolate moulds, baking pans and more