Silíkonbökunarmót - PRO - KIT ALI DI FATA - 25 x 9cm hæð 8,5cm

23.900 kr
Vörunúmer: SM-25.956.99.0065

Silikomart Professional has been chosen by the Italian Team to accurately design the kit to reproduce painstakingly the fruit entremet winner of the world’s cup. Kit Ali di Fata is composed by 7 items: 3 combinable silicone moulds to make a surprising effect of inserts with floral theme. 2. A silicone mat characterized by a wavy weave and a silicone base to reproduce multi taste and multicolour strips. The same base can be used to make the sponge cake. 3. Two thermoform items that make easy the assemble of the entremet. The magic team composed by Fabrizio Donatone, Francesco Boccia e Emmanuele Forcone, after months of hard work and training, won the golden medal at the Pastry World Cup 2015 in Lyon. After the competition the Italian Team decided to entrust Silikomart Professional the creation of a kit to accurately reproduce the fruit entremet winner of the world’s cup.
Size: 90 mm x 250 mm x h 85 mm
Vol.:1400 ml