Plastmót Decora - Páskaeggjamót Sett - Splash

9.995 kr
Vörunúmer: DEC-0050182

Dimension : 250 g – Cavity of 135 x 205 x 75 h mm – Mold 275 x 175 x 22 h mm

Kit consisting of 2 polycarbonate egg molds and 4 chromed springs, perfect for making chocolate eggs in a single step. Practical step-by-step brochure contained inside. If you want to get colored eggs, brush the mold with fat-soluble dye or add it to melted chocolate. You can also paint floral motifs or abstract decorations. Have fun customizing the eggs with croissant decorations in royal icing or using ready-to-use sugar decorations.

How to do:

Temper the chocolate correctly, pour it into one of the two cavities, overlap the second mold and fix it to the other using the chromed springs. With rotating movements distribute the chocolate on the surface of both molds. Let it cool preferably at a temperature of 19 ° / 23 ° C for about 30 minutes before removing the whole egg.