Muffinsform og skrautpinnar - HARRY POTTER - Ghosts of Hogwarts - GLOW IN THE DARK - 24 sett

4.250 kr
Vörunúmer: PME-HPC214

Harry Potter Cupcake Cases & Topper Set of 24, Ghosts of Hogwarts

  • Give your bakes a spectacular glow with this PME Cupcake Cases with Toppers set, featuring the Ghosts of Hogwarts
  • Includes 24 double-sided paper toppers on wooden sticks and 24 matching cupcake cases with glow in the dark features. Toppers include 6 different designs: Moaning Myrtle, Bloody Baron, Nearly Headless Nick, Helena Ravenclaw, Fat Friar and a silhouette of Hogwarts
  • Measuring 30 x 52mm, these high quality cupcake cases are lined with metallic foil to ensure no grease seeps through
  • Ideal for Hogwarts wizards celebrating a birthday or Muggles hosting Potter-themed parties!
  • Exclusive to PME, this officially licensed Harry Potter collection also includes cupcake cases, toppers, sprinkles, embossers, sugar decorations, chocolate moulds, baking pans and more