Muffinsform með álfilmu - HARRY POTTER - The Dark Arts - 30 stk

995 kr
Vörunúmer: PME-HPC203

Harry Potter Foil-lined Cupcake Cases, Pack of 30, The Dark Arts

  • Create enchanting treats with these PME Harry Potter Cupcake cases featuring the Dark Arts design
  • Pack of 30 cupcake cases. Each case measures 30mm x 52mm
  • High quality paper cupcake cases lined with metallic foil to ensure no grease seeps through. Perfect for cupcakes, muffins or holding sweet & savoury treats.
  • Ideal for any Harry Potter themed party or a special wizard's birthday
  • Exclusive to PME, this officially licensed Harry Potter collection also includes cupcake cases, toppers, sprinkles, embossers, sugar decorations, chocolate moulds, baking pans and more