Gelatín púður Decora - 30g

885 kr
Vörunúmer: DEC-9261650

Ready-to-use powdered ingredient, perfect for making Bavarian cream, panna cotta, puddings and mousses. Essential for preparing fruit jellies, gummy candies and marshmallows. Excellent alternative to gelatin sheets and isinglass: its powder consistency allows greater precision in dosages. Replace the indicated amount of gelatin sheets or isinglass with the same amount of gelatin powder. Soluble starting from a minimum temperature of about 30 ° c. Do not add gelatin to boiling liquids, to prevent it from losing its gelling function. The practical open and close freshness-saving package allows you to perfectly preserve the product.

Ingredients: Animal gelatin.

BLOOM AOAC GRADES 170 ± 10 – 6.67% at 10 ° C x 18 hours / h

It may contain traces of milk, nuts, eggs and derivatives.

Advice for storage: Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight and heat sources. Once opened, the product can be kept tightly closed until the expiry date indicated.