Bragðefni - Rose - 25 ml

735 kr
Vörunúmer: PME-NF013

100% Natural Flavour - Rose (25ml)

  • Add a burst of crisp, clear flavour to your baking with these natural flavours from PME. Treat your tastebuds by mixing into home made ice-cream & chocolate, or use in cake batter, cookie dough, icing & more.
  • Contains 100% natural flavourants. The bottle drip cap releases the same sized droplets, ideal for consistency when measuring.
  • Add gradually to achieve intense flavours & aromas. A little goes a long way, suggested 1-2 tsp per 500g serving.
  • Alcohol, caffeine + sugar free. Certain dietary restrictions may apply, review the ingredients list for this product.

Add a delicious depth of flavour to ice-cream, buttercream or cake batter using these liquid natural flavours from PME. Contains 100% natural flavourants. Choose from a palate of yummy flavours ranging from fruity to indulgent chocolate and coffee!

Ingredients: Vegetable oil, Natural flavour